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Each of us are on a unique journey. We have different reasons for wanting to learn more about health and how food influences the quality of that journey. The search for answers can be confusing as we sift though the oposing opinions. These are stories from people i've been able to support to find the best way for them.

Em Warren - Canada

I absolutely cannot express how amazing of a human Shannon is! She was always helping me with my health and nutrition while I was backpacking around the world, often struggling to eat right and get the things my body needed. Shannon was always so positive and motivating and coming up with great ideas for different ways I could get the nutrition I needed, while also on a limited “backpacker” budget.

 Shannon’s energy will light up a room no matter where she goes. Her heart is pure and she wears it on her sleeve. I cannot say enough great things about her and I am beyond grateful to have met her on my own health journey.  I know all the foods and products she makes are infused with so much love and awesome energy, you can feel it! I would go to Shannon for health and wellness advice any day. She is a beautiful soul and anyone who gets to meet her or work with her is a very lucky person.

Dane - Queensland

I have known Shannon for 20 years, she is a great friend with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to healthy eating. A few years ago Shannon was talking to me about plant based food and how it can change your life. Soon after that I had my cholesterol check up which turned out to be a little high at 5.4 so I had a chat with her about it. She gave me loads of information and some vegan recipes to try. I decided to go full vegan for a month and to my surprise, my cholesterol lowered to 4.6 in just a month and I felt great. 

These days I am not a full vegan, but I cook vegan meals twice a week which my family also enjoys. Doing the plant based meals for a month really opened my eyes to all the different plant based options/products that are out there. There are some really great yummy meals you can make and I’m happy I now know what to incorporate into my weekly meals for some balance.

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