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Walking bare foot

Are you grounded?

Unless you have your bare feet on the earth regularly, sit on the ground when outdoors, do your gardening without gloves or have some sort of "Earthing" device connected in your home, it's likely you are not

While many people might think this Grounding or Earthing thing is all a bit hippy woo woo, science tells us it's actually a thing!

Environmental medicine is largely focussed on environmental factors that create a negative impact on human health. However, scientific research is now looking at the significant clinical importance of earthing or grounding, recording the physiological changes and positive effects in the human body. 

So what is it and how does it work?

Grounding or Earthing refers to direct contact of our skin to the Earth’s surface. The surface of the planet is electrically conductive and maintains negative electrons, and our body is a bioelectrical, signal-transmitting organism. Just like when electricity is wired, it requires an “earthing” or “grounding cable to ensure safety, the same concept can be applied to our body. The continuous supply of free electrons supplied by the earth stabilises the internal bioelectrical environment required for the normal functioning of all our body systems.

The research is fascinating and provides many examples of a reduction in inflammation in the body which can be anything from swollen ankles to joint pain or digestive problems. It’s like it resets our internal biological clock which is also proving to improve sleep patterns, balance cortisol levels, and reduce stress markers as well as a range of other health markers.

The problem in our modern society is that we are surrounded by more electronic devices than ever before so apart from the electromagnetic effects it is also heating our body. Many live or work in multistory buildings that are full of steel and other conductive metals and too many people no longer come into any contact at all with nature.

In days gone by we were not so afraid of dirt and germs. It would be common to walk barefoot, to get in the garden without gloves, to sit directly on the ground and generally be outside more often. These days many people have artificial grass in their backyard if they have a backyard at all. Shoes all have rubber soles, people are too busy to go to the park or the beach. We’re obsessed with exercise so it’s all about wearing runners to train harder, rather than a stroll out in nature.

There are companies now offering Earthing cables to attach to your bed or office chair with many people claiming them to be game changers. If this is the best way for you to reset your bioelectrical circuit then I encourage you to do some research. Personally I believe it’s best to go for the real thing. Not just to plug in through your bare skin on Mother Earth, but to give yourself some time. Time to breathe the fresh air, time to observe whatever nature is surrounding you, time to listen, time to relax, time to reflect on all the positive things in your life.

While it’s believed that as little as a few minutes will provide benefit, giving yourself 20-30 minutes is ideal. Dirt, grass, sand and concrete are conductive surfaces that will allow the Earth’s energy to flow into your body. Wood, asphalt and vinyl or other synthetic materials are not conductive. Even if you believe you don’t have the time, could you change the location of one of your activities? What if that half hour you spend scrolling, was done sitting on a chair outside with your bare feet on the earth, or your morning news watching was done here? Could you sit outside on the grass and have a picnic for dinner instead of at the table. Take your gloves off while you are gardening and allow your hand to come into contact with the plants and soil.

If you really want to make the most of your time connected to Mother Earth, I encourage you to give it your full attention and follow this practice:

When your feet are on the earth, take a few deep breaths to relax and become present. Imagine your feet have roots and send them down deep into the core of Mother Earth. When you breathe in, imagine you are drawing in her energy, her love, her warm embrace. Feel it move through your body and feed every cell, feel the life that she gives. Observe what is happening in your body and your mind as you do this. Can you feel anything ease or relax? Take as long as you like here and when you are ready give thanks to her. For me, this last bit is the most important benefit, the opportunity to give thanks to Mother Earth, the creator of everything we need to live healthy, connected and inspired lives. A step in the right direction for positive change.

If any of you would like to understand more about the research there’s plenty of articles on PubMed and other medical research sites. There’s a load of documentaries and although this site is selling products, I found they have a load of resources and information -

Happy grounding my friends!!!!