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The way nature intended

The Way Nature Intended

When my vision of Little Green Heart was beginning to unfold within, this poem flowed from me almost entirely in one sitting. It represents what I believe are the foundations of health.

Health and Nutrition, confusing don’t you think?
So much information takes me to the brink
The for’s and againsts’, the good and the bad
Who’s right and who’s wrong, have they all gone mad?!

How do we know what the truth really is
Depends on who’s paying, dive into the abyss
It’s healthy one minute, but now it is not
Who said that it was….um sorry, we forgot

I can’t understand why we’re sick and dying
It really must be that someone is lying
How can it be with such riches of the land
Things grown from the earth can actually be banned?
Time has come my friends, we must take a stand

Move from your heads, down into your heart
It’s time for us to go back to the start
As close as possible to the way Nature intended
But just be aware, some might be offended

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away
Imagine the benefits of more veggies each day
Get them in you however you can
When your body feels great, you’ll be a huge fan

Remove all the numbers, boxes and jars
None of it’s food, more like something from Mars
If you feel confused about something you read
Listen to your body, move out of your head
Does it actually resemble food?
Or is it dull and lifeless to dampen your mood?

So get clean, fresh water and drink it down
Your body will love it and reduce your frown
Get outside, put your bare feet on the earth
Soak up her energy and feel your connection birth

Moving your body is important too
Find something you love that is just right for you
Don’t forget air, breath it deep inside
When the oxygen increases you’ll know you’re alive

We’ve been put on this earth with all the tools we need
Remove the distractions so you can take heed
Give yourself space so you can connect within
And remember it takes practice to quieten the din

Next time you’re feeling poorly or blue
Reach for her gifts, she knows what to do
Fruit, veggies, whole grains, nut and seeds
She’s got everything your body needs

Please don’t wait til you’re sick or dying
Every bit helps, so just keep trying
If there’s an option to not reach for the pills
Use Nature’s Farmacy…she’ll cure your ills

Written by Shannon Ukena

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